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The Crow is a wall-mounted ATX chassis built for water cooling, by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. The most unique features are its wall-mounted design that keeps the chassis close to the wall, the high-quality material choices in the form of thick CNC-milled and laser-cut aluminum and tempered glass. The wall-hung thin but open design allows a very low degree of dust collection, which removes the need for dust filters. The open solution also means that the entire room in which the chassis is placed becomes part of the cooling solution and air flow.


The design of the chassis follows a clear and strict design language with straight lines that are broken off with the rounded corners and cylindrical distances for the tempered glass.


The whole concept makes it easy for enthusiasts to create a piece of art where quality permeates the entire construction, everything from the CNC-milled aluminum spacers for the motherboard to the larger holders for the power supply and graphics card. With the help of well-placed cross-sections, it will be easy to get good cable management like a real professional.




To simplify pipes and hose routing for different types of graphics cards, the graphics card holder and graphics card support have been made adjustable to be able to largely adjust the graphics card's position vertically, all so that your artwork will be exactly the way you want it.


At the back of the chassis, there are options to hide your storage devices, fan controls, RGB controls, USB hubs and cabling. All in order to give you the best opportunities to realize your own piece of art.


With a 4 mm thick window of tempered glass on spacers in sanded and anodized aluminum, every detail of your artwork will be visible while protecting the sensitive components from long fingers and wild VR movements.



With your artwork well up on the wall, you save plenty of space for other things on your desk or more much-needed space on the floor under it, while you can enjoy your artwork.


You can also feel confident that every detail is created with care within the EU under good working conditions.


The Crow can receive two 360 mm radiators with a total of six 120 mm fans and two pumps, which together with its design allows it to cool the most powerful components without the sound level running away.

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