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Frostbite: The Ultimate Wallmount Gaming PC Chassis


Elevate your gaming experience with Frostbite. This isn't just another PC chassis; it's a revolution in design and functionality tailored for gaming aficionados.


Why Choose a Wallmounted PC? Experience the benefits of our cutting-edge design that not only saves space but showcases your gaming PC as a work of art. With Frostbite, your setup isn't just practical; it's a conversation starter.


Stay Clean, Stay Efficient: Dust accumulation is a past concern. Thanks to Frostbite's vertical alignment and slim design, the chassis naturally directs heated air upwards, creating a bubble effect. This innovative feature ensures minimal dust, maximizing your component's lifespan and performance.


Aesthetics Meets Performance: Crafted from top-tier aluminum and crowned with a tempered glass side panel, Frostbite flaunts your components in all their glory. This open, wallmount design isn't just for show—it guarantees efficient airflow, making it a top choice for those diving into custom loop cooling systems.


The Gamer's Dream Canvas: Whether your heart is set on AIO or you're venturing into custom-loop territory, Frostbite promises to elevate your gaming setup. Dive deep into the gaming realm, but remember, traditional air cooling isn't the best suitor for this beauty.


Inspired by Legends, Built for You: Drawing inspiration from renowned designs like The Crow and Tower of Doom, Frostbite retains its unique identity. It's more than a chassis—it's a testament to passionate gaming and innovative design.


Ready to redefine your gaming setup? Explore Frostbite Now and embrace the next level of wallmounted PC gaming. Your dream gaming PC awaits.

Frostbite - mITX

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Frostbite Black: 7350126520009

    Frostbite White: 7350126520108

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